Mohammed J. Yousuf

September 3, 1979 - February 16, 2015

Service Date:

Mohammed “Bear” Yousuf


Mohammed once wrote down all the things he wished to be in life: Student, Teacher, Husband, Leader, Knower, Doer, Seer, Friend, Lover, Holder, Keeper, Visionary, Enlightened,Giver, Dreamer, Thinker, Wonderer, Ponderer and fighter. He was fascinated by everything and everyone; he was always debating with people to learn new prospectives and teaching them something in return. He rarely met a person who he couldn’t make smile, laugh or question things, quickly becoming a new friend. He valued family above all, always striving for the best feeling their fails were his fails, their successes, his successes, their dreams, his to make happen. He never stopped wondering and seeking knowledge. He never could decide what to do because everything was so enlightening to him, inspiring new dreams and thoughts of how to improve something. He taught me the value of honesty and to never stop asking why? To always fight for what you believe is right, never give up. He liked to say don’t break the rules just see how far you can bend them. He was my teacher, my dreamer, my husband and most of all my best friend. He lit up the world and now he lights up the sky. I leave you with one of his poems I think best expresses his way.


I Challenge You


I Challenge You Today

I let fly and cast the Gauntlet

Be more than you Are

Achieve the greater Thing

Be not who you are But

Who you could Be

Don’t sit and sleep your life Away

Seek your greater Being

Grow to be Bigger

Strive to be Better

Work to be Faster

Learn to be Smarter

Build to be Stronger

Overcome your Weakness

Uphold your Strengths

Become You

I Challenge You.


In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to Safe Haven Humane Society, P.O. Box 91, Wells, Maine 04090.

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