Andrea Michelle Wilson

March 12, 1974 - July 13, 2017

Service Date: July 22, 2017

You are invited to share your memories and stories with Michelle's family on Saturday, July 22, 2017 beginning at 11:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. when there will be a Service of Remembrance, all at Autumn Green Funeral Home, 47 Oak St., in Alfred. Refreshments will be served and yes, there will be chocolate!

Michelle (also known as Shellie, Sweet Tomato, Sweet Potato, Sweet Pea, Georgia Peach, and Crazy Legs Moynahan) came into this world in Anniston, AL, on March 12, 1974. Forty-three years later, on July 13, 2017, in Scarborough, ME, she had completed her work on earth and earned her angel wings for heaven. Whoever knew that in the short time she was with us, she would touch so many hearts, bring forth so much laughter and spread her own brand of love so far and wide!

Sweet Shellie-bo-belly has lived quite the charmed life! Her parents, Terry Wilson, of Cumming, GA, and Lynette Lamb, of Sanford, ME, were not so perfect together but they WERE the perfect parents for this sweet girl and her amazing brother, Cory Wilson, of Springvale, ME. The three of us (Terry, Lynette & Cory) became who we are in great part because of our commitment to her as a family and the impact she had on OUR lives as we helped her through HERS.

Terry went on to find his perfect mate and “other mother” for Cory & Michelle in Tracy Hyker Wilson, who is also the mother of Michelle’s twin brothers, Andrew and Garrett Wilson, all of Cumming, GA. Michelle had a special, special place in her heart for Tracy, Andrew, Garrett and the new king of the household, Bryson (nephew & sweet son of Andrew, with whom she loved to Facetime for as long as he would have it). She loved them all fiercely, especially her Dad who was always there for her, and she had no doubt that they loved her just as fiercely right back.

Cory, whose early life demanded his dedication and support of his sister (like it or not!), followed in his Dad’s footsteps and found himself a keeper, too, in Jodi Savage-Wilson of Springvale, ME. Now, I have to be honest and say, I never actually saw Michelle demonstrate her love toward Jodi like she seemed to do with most everyone else…I believe because she saw Jodi as stiff competition in her path to Cory who was her hero, her friend and her very first caregiver. So she, in the early days and grudgingly sometimes, tolerated Jodi as long as Jodi acted like she didn’t know Cory when Michelle was around. As luck would have it, she rather liked the two nieces they produced, Jordan and Marli Wilson, of Springvale, ME, and has enjoyed spending time with them and our extended families at Cory & Jodi’s home. And, yes, Michelle and Jodi’s mutual respect did morph over the years into a sweet mutual love.

Lynette wandered a little longer in the jungle to find her perfect mate; in the end having to utilize Michelle’s chick magnet powers to seal the deal with Nancy Morin, of Sanford. Nancy was Michelle’s caregiver, friend, confidant, provider of all things sweet and junky and so much more. If you were lucky enough to catch those two up to no good, you were having a blessed day! They were such a hoot together.

We all managed to find our way in spite of ourselves…the one constant for the three of us and those we came to love is that Michelle was always in the center of the ever-growing circle. And the circle would not be complete without talking about Michelle’s Nanny, Betty Wilson, of Anniston, AL., who has always been there, has never forgotten, and has been the most amazing Nanny ever. Michelle adored her and never doubted that she was adored in return.

I don’t dare try to list all of our family by name; I would certainly miss someone and hurt feelings. The fact is Michelle has uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces & nephews who have loved her, hugged her, laughed with her and cried for her; so many wonderful and amazing caregivers and friends through the years…she was loved, is missed and will always be cherished.

Our little sweet tomato had a lifelong love affair with bread, bananas, anything chocolate, all humans of the male gender, and her beloved “Lucy” towels. To her way of thinking, any day she could snitch bread, bananas, and/or chocolate, get a hug from a cute/sweet guy (you know who you are!), and not run out of Lucy towels was a dang, good day!

Michelle also loved snazzy hairstyles & clothing, being outdoors in nature, animals, babies & children, all music, most movies (although Lord knows, she had her favorites!), and hugs, hugs, hugs. She gave the best hugs on the planet!

She was the master of the Monty Hall/Let’s Make a Deal technique of coping…”so, you don’t want to get up yet? (Frown, head shakes ‘no’) Okay, I can give you 10 minutes…if I come back then, you’ll help me?” (Big smile!) And when you’d return, she’d be ready to help.

On the other hand, she had little to no tolerance for unkind or insincere people. She saw right through both and was known to do her best to straighten out anyone she deemed to fall into either of those categories using her endless bag of facial expressions or, worst case, the double-fists-in-the-air strategy. Her personal pet peeve was when someone would talk ‘about’ her over her head to someone else rather than talk ‘to’ HER face to face. Wheelchair ramming was her solution for them most of the time.

And so it is that at this moment in time, as we are celebrating the life she lived and mourning the loss of going on without her, she is doing the happy dance with PaPa, Uncle Tim, Nikki, and all the others who were so very happy to see her again. She is whole, she is complete and she is, no doubt, raising a ruckus trying out all the body parts that now work perfectly.

We are so grateful for the amazing caregivers at Waban (don’t dare name names but you know who you are!), and for Waban Project itself for the wonderful services they provide. All the good things you’ve heard about Waban are true–they stood at the ready to serve Michelle’s needs right to the end and they served her with such love and grace. We are also very thankful for Nina Russem, the Morrison Center in Wells, and the work they are doing–Michelle LOVED going there!

We are also extremely grateful for ALL the friends, family and caregivers throughout the years of Michelle’s life who have been there, stayed there and supported us along this journey. We were always blessed that at any given time, in any given place, there was always at least one “angel” caregiver who loved Michelle to pieces and looked out for her best interests if we weren’t there.

Last of all, we want to thank Michelle and the universe for picking us to be her family and allowing us to share this lifetime with her. It’s been an awesome, awesome journey and we would not have traded it for all the riches in the world! Rest in Peace, sweet Michelle!

You are invited to share your memories and stories with Michelle’s family on Saturday, July 22, 2017 beginning at 11:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. when we will have a Remembrance Service, all at the Autumn Green Funeral Home, 47 Oak St., in Alfred. Refreshments will be served and you can bet there will be some chocolate too!

Please, family flowers only. In Michelle’s memory, please consider donating to the Waban Projects, “Day Street in Kennebunk” 5 Dunaway Drive, Sanford, ME 04073.

The Autumn Green Funeral Home is respectfully handling arrangements.

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