James (Jimmy D) Andrew DiThomas

December 18, 1961 - June 16, 2020

Service Date:

A private family graveside was held in Peabody, Massachusetts.

James Andrew DiThomas, 58, passed away suddenly on June 16, 2020 at his home in Limerick, Maine.

Jim was born on December 18, 1961 in Peabody, Massachusetts, the son of Joseph J. and Margaret A. (Caron) DiThomas, Sr.

Jim was a drummer, singer and recording and sound engineer professionally, working with artists on tour like Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, and B.B. King before returning to the area and settling in Limerick, Maine.

Needless to say we are devastated and emotionally in need of time to grieve which is complicated by pandemic restrictions. We wish the best for your family, and urge you to take a few extra moments today to hug the ones you love. Breathe together and cherish this beautiful life we are given.

Jim’s friend Dave Connelly wrote a beautiful tribute: “My ol’buddy, James DiThomas, lovingly known as Jimmy D, had such a gentle timbre to his voice- – a timbre that expressed the purity of his spirit & the kindness within his soul. Whether he was talking to you in pleasant conversation or crooning, (as we were doing in this selfie), you could always tell that you were in the company of an extraordinarily gentle person. Jimmy D was a profoundly talented musician; & he’d built a studio up in the sticks of Maine where you could always find him playing drums, keyboards, or guitar. It was a small, simple, unpretentious place, where he’d be happily recording music. He was like a Buddhist monk in a monastery– just quietly & dutifully shuffling from one instrument to the next to the microphones to the soundboard—always imbued with a Zen-like energy as he produced the beauty of music– & it was this Zen-like energy I often sought whenever I drove north.

Anybody who knew Jimmy D will tell you that he was an unconditionally generous soul & he expected NOTHING in return for his help, his time, and his thoughtfulness. He gifted my daughters with music lessons & even musical instruments– & all he asked in return was for them to carry on the Promethean tradition of playing music for other– playing music for a world that’s all too often a dark place—playing music to help make our world a more beautiful place.

Jim, I love you, man – – & I can genuinely say that upon this dark & dreary canvas, you were one of the few that created “beauty.” And, I can only hope & pray that you’ve inspired legions of others to go forth & continue on with your legacy. Until we meet again, compadre.”

Jim will be dearly missed and forever loved by his family including his sister Janet Sarro and her partner Rich Mirando of Winthrop, MA; Joseph DiThomas, Jr. and his wife Julianne of Haverhill, MA; the late June Lussier of Peabody, MA and her husband Kenneth; John DiTomaso and wife Diane of Lynn, MA; his son Taylor DiTomas; beloved friend and roommate Rita Eaton of Limerick, ME and Compadre Dave Connelly of Plum Island, MA; Aunts and Uncles from the Caron Family of Salem, MA and the DiThomas-DiTomaso family of Lynn, MA; along with numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

Jim’s family had a private graveside service in Peabody, Massachusetts.

The Autumn Green Funeral Home is respectfully handling arrangements.


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