Autumn Green Funeral Home offers a wide and unique variety of products to cherish the memories of those you love. Most Traditional Funeral Packages include items such as a register book, ‘thank you’ cards, memorial folders and prayer cards. We offer a full catalog of designs to choose from.

We continue to support local artist who offer unique ways to cherish the memory of your loved ones including thumbprint charms and unique glassworks. We recently added a line of glass jewelry that infuses the ashes of your loved ones which results in random colors of expression and an absolutely beautiful way to keep them close to your heart!

Please stop in to see a complete line of Memorial Products.

memorial products
Thumbies Memorial Keepsakes

In addition to these standard items we also offer “Thumbies“, a unique way to preserve the thumbprint, handprint or footprint of your loved ones on items such as pendants, charms, keychains and dog tags to name a few.

These products are not just available at a time of death, but they are available at any time to create a wonderful keepsake of someone special for parents, grandparents and other loved ones.

Thumbies Memorial Products

Buddies Memorial Keepsakes

Presented by the creators of Thumbies, Our Buddies Program is a wonderful way to cherish your pet and their memory. This unique process creates charms, keychains, and even bracelets and money clips from images of your pet’s paw, nose, hoof, talon or other source.

In addition to being a great memorial product, this also makes a wonderful gift for any pet lover. 

Available now at Autumn Green Funeral Home.

Buddies Memorial Charm