At  Autumn Green Funeral Home, we offer flexible pricing, based on those elements from our general price list (like a menu) that you choose from.

The total cost for a direct burial to a traditional burial can range from $5540 – $7200. This does not include cash advance items such as: Grave opening fees, Clergy honorarium, obituary notices, etc.  Personal Packages are also available for you to choose from. Our packages offer options to meet your needs from direct cremation to a traditional funeral service. For your convenience, please call us for pricing @ (207) 459-7110.

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Prices effective January 1, 2020

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Understanding The Pricing Of Funeral Services

Understanding The Pricing Of Funeral Services

To help you understand and appreciate the value of the services provided by Autumn Green Funeral Home, we have listed below many of the items that contribute to our overhead.

Professional Services

  • Services of Funeral Director and Staff.
  • Personnel available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (Including holidays) to respond to the initial call.
  • Arrangement conference with our Funeral Director and with family members.
  • Coordinating service plans with cemetery, crematory, and other parties involved.
  • Clerical assistance in the completion of various forms associated with the service.
  • Securing and recoding the death certificate and disposition permit.
  • Preparation and filing of various newspapers notices and obituaries.
  • Coordination and direction of the funeral ceremony at the funeral home.
  • Supervision of visitation periods and arrangements of floral pieces and tributes.
  • Responding to telephone calls regarding services.

Additional Costs Incurred:

  • Salaries and Benefits for Funeral Directors and Administration Staff.
  • Insurance: General Liability, Professional Liability, Workmen’s Compensation.
  • Legal and Accounting Services.
  • License Fees: State and Local.
  • Continuing Education and Staff Training.
  • Taxes: FICA, Unemployment, various federal, state and local business taxes.
  • Telephone, 24 hours answering service and paging services.
  • Office Supplies: stationery, postage costs, sundries, etc.
  • Office Equipment: computers, fax machine, scanner, copier, etc.

Care of your loved one- Embalming and related Services (our costs incurred):

  • Salaries and Benefits for Embalmers and Apprentice Assistants.
  • Embalming room equipment and instruments.
  • Chemical and Miscellaneous Supplies.
  • Laundering of Linens, towels, sheets, etc.
  • Compliance with Public Health Laws, OSHA, Hazardous Waste Disposal and Complete Sanitation Services.

Use of Funeral Home, Facilities and Equipment (our costs incurred):

  • Capital Improvements
  • Mortgage interest
  • Property Insurance and Real Estate Taxes.
  • Utilities: electricity, heating oil, water and sewage.
  • General maintenance and repairs (staff and supplies).
  • Salaries and Benefits of necessary staff for calling hours/services.
  • Furnishings and Housekeeping (staff and supplies).

Automotive Equipment (our costs incurred):

  • Vehicle purchases and Equipment: Stretchers, Personal Protective Equip.
  • Repairs and scheduled maintenance.
  • Cleaning of vehicles (staff and supplies)
  • Fuel.
  • Taxes, licenses, registration fees, insurance.
  • Salaries and Benefits of drivers.